Scaling Together

The Need

A SaaS-based, AI-powered, video interfacing startup needed to find ways to scale, particularly after the first enterprise implementation didn’t go as planned.

This association is truly one of being on the outside and living inside so strongly that the lines are blurred and we find ourselves fully embedded and invested in their growth and success.

In our role as an embedded Consulting service provider, we worked closely with the company to navigate every challenge and situation typical for a startup of its kind, constantly supporting key leaders in establishing processes and making decisions.

The Impact

The company needed a north star which we helped them find. Along the process, we encouraged them to look into every product and engineering area to define their organization’s structure and product roadmap.

We believe in consulting with empathy- looking at the challenges of the organization as our own to provide workable solutions that can result in positive outcomes.


  • Our association with this company continues, and we continue to work with them address the day-to-day issues of a startup.
  • The company has witnessed a valuation increase by >30X in just one year of engaging with us.
  • We work with core leaders in the company to help them design outcomes for their teams and figure out how to make them happen.

Success Factors

Worked with the core leaders to help them design outcomes for their teams and figure out how to make them happen

Helped them stay true to their journey and be a product-led company as opposed to becoming a services company- a common issue that SaaS startups often face

Worked with the founding team to help them hire the right leaders for the scaling up journey

Assisted in the development of the product roadmap by unlocking the founder’s mental models

Reviewed product implementation and customer success parameters to suggest changes/ improvements.

Guided them through the process of developing engineering best-practices to optimise costs, set up engineering systems and more


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