Building Account-Centricity

The Need

A multinational professional services firm specialising in delivery excellence, needed to move into the mindset and framework of a high-end value centre.

They were looking for qualitative solutions to help build an account-centric and business development mindset in their leadership team, as well as help the organisation understand what their strategy should be, to be aware of their client business better, to understand their own competitive advantage, and to go from execution focus to client-partnership focus.

The Impact

At Above N Beyond, we follow a Why-What-How approach while proposing any change within established structures.

We first set out to understand the business landscape and what it would take to truly move the needle. We understood that key stakeholders were still driven by productivity metrics over business development metrics. For that to change, we would work with leaders across the board, across business verticals to bring in a sense of collaboration and mutual growth.


  • This intervention gave rise to greater collaboration among verticals, thus aiding them in delivering on a holistic view for the company across verticals.
  • There was a significant shift in top leadership mindset towards becoming a value-driven partner to their client.
  • From the top leadership down, every team member developed a better understanding of their sales strategy and value proposition
  • Team members were better able to navigate internal systems as a result of better collaboration.
  • We took this work further and worked one-on-one with key players to help build leadership attributes.
  • The company experienced a definitive increase in overall revenue, was able to grow its own sub-service lines and worked more closely together by removing silos.

Success Factors

Worked with key leaders to equip them to now be in charge of growing their accounts besides quality of delivery

Assisted in the mindset-shift from being responsible for individual verticals to being accountable for the entire business

Increased the cross-functional visibility across the leaders, to further enable cross-selling and deeper account centricity


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