Optimising Processes

The Need

A major IT services company was looking to reach revenue assurance milestones faster, but with high quality output and using resources in the most efficient manner possible.

They wanted to achieve this by optimising project lifecycles, with better hiring and better resource management.

The Impact

In the course of our seven-month intervention, we spent the first few months deeply studying and engaging with the entire talent acquisition process.

We believe at Above N Beyond that any positive, lasting change can only come through by implementing a systems-thinking approach and working to change the environment first. We helped review the metrics being measured as well as the performance dashboard, apart from building a system that is sensitive to the early warning signals of a project that isn’t heading the way it should.

We asked the fundamental questions. Why should the structure be revamped in their context? What is the right structure? How could the processes be restructured?


  • As a result of the intervention, the organisation was able to shorten its offer process from 10 days to 4 days.
  • The cost of hiring got leaner, and the process of resource allocation became smoother
  • The new structure ensured that project progress could be measured and quantified across the board, leading to faster course-correction.
  • Less overlap in processes now meant that objectives could be accomplished faster.
  • We helped solve for some administrative issues and facilitated a scenario where the team spent more time spent in execution.

Success Factors

Restructured the entire organization from the ground-up to support their new goals

Lean processes suggested for improving productivity, enabled by the right technology and data

Helped the team adapt to using leading metrics to chart their growth and build predictability

Ensured the new structure had a cascading effect on the desired outcome and could be measured at all levels

Helped the organisation adapt to a single source of data for greater efficiency, leading to greater confidence amongst the key stakeholders


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