Creating a Learning Culture

The Need

A global marketing technology solutions provider, and a Unicorn, looked to us to help build a learning organisation, at scale, to be able to take them into the next league. The leadership team strongly believed that creating a culture of learning would help them unlock potential at every level.

The Outcome

Leaders who understand the need for a learning organisation are indeed setting themselves up for success. The challenge is to gain buy-in from all stakeholders further down the hierarchy. In such cases, as with most other interventions from Above N Beyond, a systems-thinking approach is needed to help formulate a process and the objectives.

We follow a Why-What-How approach while proposing any change within established structures.


  • This was a year-long intervention and the framework was intended to enable key business metrics that are tracked at all times.
  • Together, we were successful in aligning leadership vision into one direction that every-one could agree on and would work towards.

Success Factors

Worked with key leaders to align them with the same core beliefs (Why). These beliefs would then shape behaviours (what) and outcomes (how).

Helped design a learning system broken down by management levels and specific business-unit needs

Assisted the design of a framework to deconstruct needs and obstacles that could potentially get in the way of the learning journey

Accountability was assigned to every group at all leadership levels to drive engagement.


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